Diary Entry 8


In a bizarre twist of fate, the letter that the Elders sent me has turned out to be a letter asking for my services to protect a small planet named C522! Initially I thought the Elders must have made a mistake (or cruel prank) in choosing me as leader to protect planet C522 as I didn't have any experience in protecting planets (or anything for that matter).

Oh well.

In reality maybe I just made an error in judgment upon myself and I'm not actually incompetent but rather just a late bloomer!

I just hadn't reached my full potential yet!

I'm overjoyed!

I think this will do it for tonight’s diary entry! I must get my sleep as I need to meet with the Elders tomorrow morning!

In fact... This writing I've been doing, I'm not going to call them diary entries anymore! What am I a girl or something? From now on I'm going to call them mission logs!

...Of course that starts tomorrow as I already started this entry as a diary entry and changing midway through wouldn't be right.

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